Special Populations

Mission Statement

The mission of the Special Populations Office is to ensure that special population students have equal access to all Lamar Institute of Technology programs and activities. The purpose of this office is to provide students the opportunity to reach their full potential by coordinating academic accommodations and support services, promoting independence and self-advocacy and providing information and referral services within the community.

The Special Populations Office helps foster a supportive educational environment by maintaining partnerships with faculty and staff and promoting awareness among all members of the Lamar Institute of Technology community. The Office is located within the Student Services Division in the Eagles Nest and there is no charge for Services.

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  • Define a Disability - Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act defines a disability as a physical impairment, which substantially limits one or major life activities, for ex: breathing, speaking, seeing, walking, learning, working or taking care of oneself. Even if others do not perceive you as having such impairment, you may have a disability. The key here is the term substantially limits. This means a person is restricted as to the condition or manner, or duration under which a major life activity can be performed, in comparison to the average person or to most people, or that a person cannot perform the activity at all.
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