Graduation Checklist

Are you graduating?

If so, please be sure to complete the following steps below by Friday, July 29:

Step One: Review your degree audit 

Verify that all degree requirements have been met or are in-progress to be met in the Summer 2022 term. You can review the degree audit in DegreeWorks, which is located on your MyLIT account.

Step Two: File Intent to Graduate Form

Complete the Intent to Graduate form and submit it to your department. The last day to submit is Thursday, June 16. 

Click Here for the "Intent to Graduate" form


Step Three: Apply for Graduation

Your department will evaluate your degree audit for graduation. If you’re cleared as a candidate for graduation, the graduation status on your audit will update to complete, pending final grades of the term.
  • Requirements will be checked off and it will state the "Graduation application accepted-Congratulations"
  • If your audit needs further review, your audit will indicate further review is needed by your academic advisor.
  • If you are no longer a candidate for graduation, your audit status will state "Your graduation requirements for the term were not met - Contact your department advisor."
  • Applications for Summer 2022 graduation are available beginning June 16th through July 29th.
  • The online application will ONLY be accessible after your "Intent to Graduate" form has been processed. 
  • An email will be sent to your LIT student email with directions on how to apply.
  • Your application will be accessible in your Self-Service banner.
If you do not receive an email, see “no curriculum” in Self-Service Banner and/or do not see a graduation block on your audit, the process was not completed, please contact your department immediately.

 When applying, verify the following:
  • Degree/Major is correct
  • Name, you can only change your middle name
    • If your first or last name has changed, you must submit an official request by emailing Indicate you are graduating in the subject line. Official corrections must be received by August 1.
    • If you need to correct capitalization, add periods or add a suffix (Jr. Sr. I, II...) you can do this when you apply or contact Student Services at the emails provided below to make the correction by August 1.
  • Mailing address
  • There is not a summer commencement ceremony. Students completing graduation requirements in the summer may participate in the December commencement ceremony. Send an email to to request to walk during the December ceremony.
If you have already applied and any of the above information has changed please immediately contact:

Step Four: Receive Your Degree

Congratulations on your achievement!

LIT does not hold a Summer Commencement, but you are welcome to participate in the December Ceremony. Email to request to walk in the December ceremony.

Your degree will be conferred and your official transcripts updated with your conferral date after you are cleared for graduation (no remaining requirements, final courses in progress successfully completed) at the end of the term. Your diploma can be picked up at the Eagle’s Nest the week after Summer classes end. If you need your diploma mailed, allow up to 2 to 4 weeks to receive your diploma by mail. 

** There is no fee required to receive your diploma. However, all outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to the release of diplomas.

  • Be sure to check your student account balance on Self-Service Banner or by contacting Cashiering at (409) 839-2064
  • If you haven't completed your "Exit" Loan Counseling Session, contact Financial Aid at (409) 880-2137
If you need official transcripts, you can order them via Self Service Banner, email, or in person. See