Prior Learning Assessment

Credit for Prior Learning
Credit for Prior Learning
The finish line to a college degree may be closer than you think. At Lamar Institute of Technology, enrollees have the opportunity to be awarded college credit based upon their knowledge and skills they bring as a student. The Prior Learning (PL) process validates what you have already learned and can reduce the number of courses you need to take by eliminating duplicate coursework. PL can shorten the time required for enrollees to earn a certificate or degree and save money.
Many forms of experience lead to college-level learning. These include work experience and job skills, employer training programs, volunteer or community service, military experience and training, self-directed learning projects, noncredit classes, personal life experiences, and much more.
Save time: A student can earn up to 75 percent of the credits required for a degree or certificate.
Save money: PL per credit rate is $50 per semester credit hour which is lower than the standard college credit rate of $95 for Texas residents
Eliminate courses: Earning credit for PL eliminates the need to take classes that cover content a student already have mastered. Therefore, a student can skip taking and paying for classes that cover what they already know while still receiving equivalent credit. In the end, students can save time and money on their way towards graduation.
How to Turn your Life Experience into College Credit
The very first step is to apply and register in a LIT program. Next, have any transcripts from previous college/universities as well as military training transcripts evaluated through the college’s Student Services department.
Additionally, if a student has completed any AP or CLEP tests, those should be reviewed through the College’s Student Services department for potential credits.
Meet eligibility requirements specific to the assessment option as identified in the Prior Learning Handbook. Complete the required application requesting for Prior Learning.
PL credits must align with specific LIT classes. Students will demonstrate their prior learning to a LIT faculty member. The actual challenge will be done by a faculty member who teaches the course and has determined the best method of assessment based on the learning outcomes of the course.  All verification of demonstrated skills must be equivalent to what a student would have acquired through the regular completion of the course.
The faculty member working with the applicant will discuss all assessment options and a timeline, so the individual is fully prepared. Course Challenge assessment options could include any of the following:
  • Taking the mid-term/final of the course
  • Presenting documentation or industry certifications
  • Interviews/demonstrations
  • Samples of writing or completed projects
More detailed information is available through the listed links. Our staff will walk through every step. Contact the Student Success or Program Director and the Department Chair for additional information.

Check out the PLA Handbook and PLA Student Guide.

See the Prior-Learning application here.