Transfer Students

Transfer applicants are considered for admission on the basis of their previous college records. Applicants must submit a completed Application for Admission form and official transcripts from all colleges previously attended. Transfer applicants must be in good standing with all institutions previously attended. Students on scholastic or disciplinary suspension from another institution must petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs for individual approval. Likewise, students who wish to transfer from institutions where they are on disciplinary probation and/or suspension may not enter LIT without the approval of the Dean of Student Services.

Acceptance of transfer course work by LIT does not guarantee credit for specific courses within a particular program of study of admission to all programs. Transfer courses with grades of "D" will be subject to specific program guidelines. Official transcripts will be evaluated and students will be notified preferably prior to a students' enrollment, but at least prior to the end of the first academic term in which they are enrolled. Students are encouraged to inform their advisors of any transfer work at the time of initial advisement.

Transfer Students must meet TSI requirements.