How I become Become a Diesel Industrial Engine Technician?

Advanced Engine - Associate of Applied Science

1. To Become a Diesel / Industrial Engine Technician?

One of the ways to become a Diesel Technician is to attend an Institute such as what we offer. Company like to hire someone who shows interest in the mechanical field by attending a training program to enhance their skill level.

2. Diesel Technician Education Requirements?

Requirements for enrolling into the program to start your rewarding career in the diesel mechanics is earning a High school diploma or a G.E.D.

3. How Long Does it Take to complete the Associate Degree for a Diesel Mechanic?

Two Years to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree ( AAS ) This depends upon how many semester hour a student take each semester and completion of each class.

4. How Much Does a Diesel Technician Make with limited experience?

The pay for diesel mechanics depend upon the student experience and interest they have in the industrial mechanic field. The pay will also depend on where the student applies, on starting pay. You can expect to start out with a range of $14.00 hour up to $20.00 hour.