Criminal Justice Security Threat Groups

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)


Want to make a difference in society? The goal of the Criminal Justice Security Threat Groups program is to educate students about the world of street gangs, military gangs, drug cartels and their relationships with organized crime and terrorist groups. Through this program, you will better understand how they work and how to combat their growing threat to society.

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What Will I Learn?

This degree includes coursework on security threat groups (gangs) and terrorism. It also includes an overview of homeland security and strong foundational knowledge in criminal justice, as well as coursework on investigative techniques and report writing.

What can I do with this Degree

This degree provides college credit and knowledge for individuals seeking work in the criminal justice field or for individuals within the criminal justice field who want to enhance their potential for promotion.

Graduates of this program find work with narcotics bureaus, the U.S. military as civilian specialists on alcohol and drug abuse, state crime commissions as drug enforcement agents, as special investigators for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as gang or criminal investigators, as drug and alcohol compliance inspectors in the aviation industry and in other areas.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete the required 60 semester credit hours curriculum. You must earn a grade of “C” or better with at least 25% of the program coursework at Lamar Institute of Technology. You also must complete the College Success Skills Course (DORI 200) or be exempt.
Program Credits: 60
Lecture Hours: 60
Lab Hours: 0
There are no specific admissions requirements for this program of study.
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Nicole Mitchell

Academic Department Chair
Technology Center, Room 212

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