Frequently Asked Questions

Radiology Technology Degree Program - Associate of Applied Science

How long does this degree take?
2 years

What is a typical semester schedule like?
You will have classes on campus 2 days a week and will be at a hospital for clinic 3 days a week. Clinic is 7:00 am – 3:00 pm usually but there are some off hour and weekend rotations each semester. Classes on campus will vary with the semester.

 What do you look for on background screening?
Most felony convictions will prevent you from being allowed access to the hospitals for practicum courses. Both felony charges/convictions and misdemeanor charges/convictions may prevent you from being allowed to take the national certification exam and state licensing.

What can I do after this degree to step up training?
After graduating and passing the national certification exam you can specialize in various modalities. The areas that a Radiologic Technologist can obtain more training in are: CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET imaging, mammography, bone density, sonography, and radiation therapy.