Graphic Design Program


The Graphic Design AAS program prepares students for a career as graphic designers, production artists, art designers, and art directors. Students receive training in creating graphic designs while developing skills in image manipulation, layouts, typography, and branding.

What Will I Learn

Graphic Design majors will learn to create designs based on customer specifications, critique designs to evaluate effectiveness, use design tools and the collaborative process to develop design solutions, and create a collection of work that reflects professional competency.

What can I do with this Certificate

A graduate of the Graphic Design program is awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree. Graduates can find jobs as graphic designers, art directors, and web designers.

Degree Requirements

The Graphic Design program of study is 60 semester credit hours and includes general education courses (such as writing, mathematics, and speech) and technical courses (digital imaging, digital publishing, design communication, art direction, etc.).
Graphic Design students must earn a grade of “C” or better in the major specific courses or repeat the course.
Program Credits: 60
Lecture Hours: 47
Lab Hours: 48
Lamar Institute of Technology is an open-enrollment institution. Any student accepted into the Institute is welcome as a Graphic Design major.
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Tamalla Jones

Academic Department Chair
Technology Arts Building 4, Room 103C

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