Game Design



The Game Design Certificate program will prepare you for entry-level programming positions. This certificate is designed to teach students the fundamental skills used in game design and the field of programming. Students receive extensive hands-on training in using current software and information technology techniques.

What Will I Learn?

This program includes courses that teach programming fundamentals using today’s most in-demand programming languages. These courses include topics such as programming for game design and information technology security.

What can I do with this Certificate

This degree prepares you for entry-level positions with companies, government agencies, and hospitals. Graduates find jobs in data entry or microcomputer applications. Some positions allow for the flexibility to work from home for various companies.

Degree Requirements

All courses in Recommended Program of Study must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. Students must complete an approved certification examination to graduate. if a student fails to pass the appropriate certification exam prior tot he expected graduation date, the students will have one calendar year to pass the exam and reapply for graduation.
Program Credits: 24
Lecture Hours: 18
Lab Hours: 22
Applicants must apply and be accepted to Lamar Institute of Technology and meet all TSI requirements.
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Tamalla Jones

Academic Department Chair
Technology Arts Building 4, Room 103C

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