What should I do the first day of class?

The first day of class you will want to log in to Blackboard via myLIT and familiarize yourself with your class and instructors preferred method of communication. In most cases the first day of class will be the first opportunity you have to login to your class.  Usernames and passwords are generated automatically by the system.

Please make every effort to remember your log in credentials. Your instructor will NOT know them.

Username and Password

  • Username will be your student ID
    • This can be found on your LIT tuition payment receipts, your acceptance letter and within Self-Service Banner.
  • Password will be the complex password.
    • Click complex password for more details

Blackboard Learn access is built into our Single SignOn "myLIT"

  1. Go to the www.lit.edu
  2. Click on "myLIT"
  3. Type in your Username and Password
  4. Click on Sign in
  5. Locate Blackboard in your myLIT.
  6. You can then click 
    1. Institution Page - to see campus announcements and resources.
    2. Your Name - to update your profile and add a photo/pronouns/ and name pronunciation.
    3. Activity Stream - to see a list of important course activites and jump into your course.
    4. Courses - to see a list of your courses that you click to enter.
    5. Calendar - to see a calendar display of assignments with set due dates. 
      1. Note not all assignments will populate to this calendar if the instructor did not assign a due date to the item. 
    6. Messages - to see internal message system for instructors that prefer this method of communication.
While your classes may appear before the first day of the semester your courses will not be available to you until the first day of class.

If you are taking an online course that utilizes additional resources from the textbook publisher, you may need a STUDENT ACCESS CODE. The access code will be provided with your textbook and/or your instructor will tell you how to access your code.

*If you register late please give the system 4-6 hours to process the registration and create an account.