Appeal Guidelines

Appeal Guidelines for Financial Aid

If your academic performance does not meet established satisfactory academic performance standards - you are ineligible for financial assistance. Guidelines are in place to ensure you are progressing appropriately toward your chosen academic pursuit.

To remain eligible for financial aid you must:

  • Be a regularly enrolled student in an approved degree or certificate program.

  • Enroll only in courses that are required for your declared degree or certificate program.

  • Be on PACE by completing at least 70% of all attempted semester credit hours.

  • Maintain at least a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

  • Complete requirements for an associate degree within maximum timeframe (150% of hours in major).

Students placed on Financial Aid Suspension based on failure to meet one or all of the established standards may submit a Letter of Appeal for any of the following reasons:

  • The death of a relative

  • An injury or illness of the student

  • Other special circumstances

You may present “Special Circumstances” as the basis of your appeal IF the following criteria apply:

  • Unusual/extraordinary situation

  • Involved Circumstances beyond your control

  • Occurred during the pertinent period of enrollment

  • Significant enough to result in academic performance to fall below established standards

Specific guidelines for written appeals:

  • Put some effort into it.

  • Be honest & thorough - Clearly explain the basis of your appeal.

  • Provide separate documentation to support basis of appeal.

Acceptable documentation examples:

Failure to provide documentation WILL result in a denied appeal.

  • Death certificate

  • Physician statement

  • Court document

  • Affidavit

Financial Aid personnel will not be responsible for deciphering and/or interpreting large volumes of random medical records, bills, insurance statements, depositions or irrelevant paperwork.

  • You will have one chance to present your case. Multiple letters will not be accepted.

  • Typed, 12 point, Times New Roman

  • Full Name, student ID, signature, date

  • Attach degree works degree plan

  • Attach SAP appeal cover sheet

Notifications & Timelines:

Notifications regarding appeal requirements, appeal status, and appeal decisions are sent only to your LIT email account. Please check your LIT email account regularly.

Make payment arrangements with cashiering to ensure you are not dropped for nonpayment. Registering for classes at LIT will result in a financial obligation to the school. You are financially responsible for your student account.

Do not stop attending class while awaiting decision. Failure to continue courses may result in denial of a pending appeal.

Important reminders:

  • Financial aid is designed to help with your college expenses.

  • There are no guarantees that all costs will be covered. (be prepared to have your books and supplies when classes begin each term)

  • FAFSA is just the starting point for determining your financial eligibility.

  • It is your responsibility to keep yourself academically eligible. Poor academic performance on your part may void financial aid eligibility.