Federal Government (GOVT 2305)

Credits: 3, Lecture Hours: 3, Lab Hours 0

Course Description: Origin and development of the U.S. Constitution, structure and powers of the national government including the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, federalism, political participation, the national election process, public policy, civil liberties and civil rights.

Present & Past Syllabii

GOVT 2305 F2F syllabus     GOVT 2305 Online syllabus     GOVT 2305 Fall 2018 syllabus     GOVT 2305 Online Fall 2018 syllabus     GOVT 2305-2A1 syllabus     GOVT 2305-2A2 syllabus     GOVT 2305-1A1 syllabus     GOVT2305_1A1_Fall_2023 syllabus     GOVT2305_2B1_Fall_2023 syllabus     GOVT2305_9S1__ syllabus     GOVT2305_9S2_Fall_2023 syllabus     GOVT2305_9B3_Fall_2023 syllabus     GOVT2305_9B1_Fall_2023 syllabus     GOVT2305_9B2_Fall_2023 syllabus     GOVT2305_2A4_Spring_2024 syllabus     GOVT2305_2B1_Spring_2024 syllabus     GOVT2305_3A1_Spring_2024 syllabus     GOVT2305_921_Spring_2024 syllabus     GOVT2305_922_Spring_2024 syllabus    

Sections and Instructors

Section: 2A1  Instructor: Robert Wilson
Section: 2B1  Instructor: Robert Wilson
Section: 3A1  Instructor: Robert Wilson
Section: 2A4  Instructor: Robert Wilson
Section: 2C1  Instructor: Sarah Wallace
Section: 921  Instructor: Shannon Tanner
Section: 922  Instructor: Shannon Tanner

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