Tuition and Fees


The following fees are in effect at press time and are used to determine the total amount of tuition and fees. The total amount of the fees assessed is typical of other state institutions in Texas, though specific fees will vary by institution. (Note that the estimated total tuition and fees assume the student is enrolled only on the Institute campus)

Distance Education Fee: A Distance Education Fee of $20 per semester credit hour is assessed for online courses. Students registered for online courses only are not required to pay the Student Center Fee if a waiver has been requested at the Cashier's Office. Other fees are required by the Board of Regents or state statute and cannot be waived.

Laboratory Fee: A Laboratory Fee of $10 is charged each semester for courses with combined lecture and laboratory instruction.

Late Registration Fee: A charge of $10 is made for late registration or for payment after the start of the semester (not including the second or third payments under the installment plan).

Records Fee: The Records Fee would provide the student with eight transcripts each year and cover those administrative costs. This is included in the Institutional Services Fee.

Matriculation Fee: A Matriculation Fee of $15 will be incurred by students who withdraw prior to the first day of class. This $15 fee will be deducted from refunds.

Parking Fee: Each student who pays the Parking Fee is issued a parking permit allowing the student to park a vehicle on campus. Parking permits must be displayed as instructed in the official parking and traffic regulations, which are issued when the permit is purchased. Regulations are in effect 24 hours a day.

The Parking Fee is assessed when tuition and fees are paid at the Cashier's Office. Parking Fees are:

Fall Semester ................ $60
Spring Semester ............... $40
Summer Semester ............... $20

Only one registration is required during an academic year, and a student’s parking fee is honored until the end of Summer Session II.

Property Deposit: Each student is required to pay a $10 Property Deposit. Any unused portion of the $10 will be refunded upon written request after the students graduates or withdraws from the Institute.

Institutional Services Fee: The Institutional Services Fee includes incidental fees combined to support the operations of the College. This combined fee includes what was once the technology service fee, identification card fee and records fee. The current rate is $31 per semester credit hour.

Student Center Fee: The Student Center Fee supports the Setzer Student Center and its programs. The current rate is $30 per fall and spring semester and $15 per summer session. (For information about the Setzer Center, see Setzer Student Center.) Students who register only for off-campus courses are exempt from the Student Center Fee. Additional exemptions include students registered for only cooperative education courses.

Student Service Fee: The Student Service Fee supports student activities such as Lamar Institute of Technology’s student government, athletics, recreational sports, the University Press and other student services. The current rate is $5 per semester credit hour.

Technology Service Fee: The Technology Service Fee supports the administrative mainframe computer and the academic mainframe computer. This is included in the Institutional Services Fee. 

Book Bundle Program: $24 per credit hour - A $10 per credit hour scholarship will be awarded to students who participate in the Book Bundle Program. 

Nursing and Allied Health Program Fee: $60 per semester 

Technical Program Fee: $60 per semester

Cosmetology Supply Fee: $425 per semester 

Verification of Student Identity Fees
Students who register/enroll for a distance education course may be required to pay additional charges associated with verification of student identity.

Fine and Breakage Fee
A Fine and Breakage Fee may be assessed to a student. Fine and Breakage Fee may be assessed by the library, police department, academic programs and other units of Lamar Institute of Technology. Fees may be assessed to a student for breakage of equipment, damage of equipment, missing equipment and facilities or property. A Fine and Breakage Fee must be paid before a transcript may be issued and/or before a student may re-enter the Institute.

The Institute reserves the right to make a special assessment against any student guilty of inexcusable breakage or loss of instructional equipment or other Institute property.

Insufficient Funds Checks
Checks written in payment of registration fees and returned to the Institute due to insufficient funds will result in a $25 check charge, plus a late $10 late registration fee or a $15 installment later penalty. Obligations paid by an insufficient funds check are considered delinquent. Students who write insufficient funds checks will be placed on a “cash only” basis.

Miscellaneous Fees
Advanced Standing Examination (per SCH) ............. $25