Nurse Aid

Institutional Award (INA)


Upon completing the Nurse Aide Program, if eligible the student will be able to sit and take the State of Texas Certification Exam to become a licensed Nurse Aide and will be listed on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry upon passing both the skills and written parts of the State Certification Exam.

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What Will I Learn?

The program consists of 2 courses where the students will learn basic nursing care including how to take correct vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, and respirations. The students will also learn how to assist with hygiene and grooming needs for patients who may not be able to care for themselves rather the patient’s disability is mental or physical. The student will also learn how to observe, report, and chart as a nursing assistant. The student will also be responsible for using the newly taught skills in a clinical setting at one of the local area Nursing Facilities on actual patients.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

Upon completion of the Nurse Aide Program and passing the State Certification Exam, the newly licensed Nursing Assistant will be able to work in Long-Term Care Facilities which is the highest demand at this time. The licensed nursing assistant will also be able to work in the Hospital setting, Home Health, Doctor’s offices, as well as Private Duty.  

Degree Requirements

The course is one semester (Fall or Spring) which is approximately 16 weeks and consists of two classes that must be taken together (NURA 1301 = lecture and lab and NURA 1260 = clinical) A criminal background check will be completed on each student. This is a requirement of the state of Texas. This is because there are certain offenses determined by the state of Texas that would bar a student from being able to take the class, take the certification exam, or work as a Certified Nurse Aide. The student must also have CPR for Healthcare Providers by the American Heart Association and must be successfully completed before a student is permitted to attend the clinical site. The student must also apply and be accepted to LIT in order to take the courses for the Nurse Aide.


Program Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2

Admissions Requirements

The student must also apply and be accepted to LIT in order to take the courses for the Nurse Aide.

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