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General Studies - Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts Degree serves as the foundation for the Bachelor of Arts degree in institutions of higher education in Texas. Students will be able to complete the Associate of Arts Degree and transfer to a Texas institution of higher education to complete a bachelor’s degree.

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree is restricted to sixty (60) semester credit hours. Of the sixty (60) semester credit hours, forty two (42) semester credit hours must satisfy the requirements of the Core Curriculum and an additional eighteen (18) semester credit hours are required to meet the maximum sixty (60) semester credit hours for the Associate of Arts (AA) degree.

The Associate of Arts Degree requires that students complete coursework in six different categories including Communication (6 SCH), Mathematics (3 SCH), Life and Physical Sciences (6 SCH), Language, Philosophy, and Culture (3 SCH), Creative Arts (3 SCH), History (6 SCH), Government (6 SCH), Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 SCH), and the Component Area Option (6 SCH).