Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW) Welding (WLDG 1434)

Credits: 4, Lecture Hours: 2, Lab Hours 6

Course Description: Principles of gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), including setup, GTAW equipment. Instruction in various positions and joint designs.

Present & Past Syllabii

WLDG 1434 syllabus     202310.WLDG1434.6D1 syllabus     202310.WLDG1434.6K1 syllabus     202390.WLDG1434.6A1 syllabus     202390.WLDG1434.6B1 syllabus     WLDG1434_1A1 & 5A1_Spring_2024 syllabus     WLDG1434_3B1 & 5B1_Spring_2024 syllabus    

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