Flow and Measure Calibration (INTC 1358)

Credits: 3, Lecture Hours: 3, Lab Hours 0

Course Description: Practical methods of flow measurements and flow integration. Emphasizes primary flow element selection and calculations in accordance with American Gas Association (AGA) and American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.

Present & Past Syllabii

INTC 1358 syllabus     202310.INTC1358.2A1 syllabus     202310.INTC1358.2A4 syllabus     202390.INTC1358.2A1 syllabus     INTC1358_2A1_Spring_2024 syllabus     INTC1358_1A4_Spring_2024 syllabus     INTC1358_2A1_Summer II_2024 syllabus    

Sections and Instructors

Section: 2A1  Instructor: Chelsea Hoke
Section: 1A4  Instructor: Chelsea Hoke
Section: 1A4  Instructor: Chelsea Hoke

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