Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Lamar Institute of Technology welcomes the opportunity to do business with interested merchants and encourage all vendors to become prospective suppliers to both Lamar Institute of Technology and to the State of Texas. The Procurement Services Department is interested in fostering participation by all qualified businesses offering commodities and services that may be used by Lamar Institute of Technology. The Procurement Office has the responsibility for assisting departments to make the most economical acquisition of quality materials and services that will assure efficient operation.


Lamar Institute of Technology is committed to executing contracts in compliance with applicable law and The Texas State University System rules and regulations.

Procurement Services provides contract development and award support for expenditure contracts; assisting departments with the solicitation, response evaluation, drafting, review, execution and reporting of  major non-construction contracts or services by Lamar Institute of Technology. Procurement Services is also responsible for the review and approval of contracts prior to a contract being signed by the appropriate delegated authority. The Procurement Services Department serves as the central contract repository for all Lamar Institute of Technology contracts and retains the original document. The originating department or office retains a copy of the document, contract package and performs departmental contract management duties.

Contract Authority

All Lamar Institute of Technology contracts must be in writing and must name Lamar Institute of Technology as a party. Lamar Institute of Technology departments, programs, centers and offices may not enter into contracts in their own names.

Only a primary contract official may sign a contract on behalf of Lamar Institute of Technology. Primary contracting official means the President, each Vice President and others specifically designated. A contract signed by an unauthorized person is not binding on Lamar Institute of Technology. Persons who sign without proper authorization may be personally liable for any damages incurred by Lamar Institute of Technology or the state.

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