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Students prepared to do college-level work graduate at twice the rate of students that are not prepared (The Higher Education Coordination Board 2012). Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) wants all students to be prepared for their academic coursework and to meet their educational goals in order to graduate.

Assessments are indicators of academic performance and are required before, during and after college. The first assessment that students are required to complete is the TSI Assessment. Students that plan to enroll in an institution of Higher Education in Texas must complete the TSI Assessment to assess their academic skills. The TSI Assessment will help to determine if a student is ready to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework in reading, writing and math.

Before taking the new TSI Assessment students must complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). During the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity students will complete a sample TSI Assessment which provides feedback; learn about the Non-Course Based Options (NCBOs) offered at LIT; and finally, identify resources at LIT available to students such as tutoring and financial aid.

Students must complete the Pre-Assessment Activity and show proof of completion to the Testing Center by completing the form below and submitting by clicking email. LIT faculty and staff are committed to helping students reach their college and career goals. So be prepared, stay focused, complete assignments and study for all assessments.

Assessment Process and Components

The following is a sample TSI Assessment with answers and rationale and examples of WritePlacer essays with explanations of key components needed for essay scores (1-8).


Non-Course Based Option Intervention (NCBO)

As part of the Texas Success initiative, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has recognized the varied needs of students. As a result, Lamar Institute of Technology offers alternative interventions to aid in the completion of a students’ developmental education. One of the interventions currently being offered is called a Non-Course Based Option intervention or NCBO’s. LIT offers NCBO’s, called ‘Jump Start’ courses in the areas of mathematics and Integrated Reading and Writing. These interventions help students to accelerate through developmental concepts to college level courses! LIT currently offers the following NCBO’s:

  • TMTH 0132 ‘Jump Start’ Math
  • TMTH 0114 ‘Jump Start’ Algebra
  • INRW 0100 ‘Jump Start’ Integrated Reading and Writing

 To enroll in a ‘Jump Start’ Non Course Based Option (NCBO) course, students must meet the following criteria:

  • For majors requiring MATH 1332, a score of 343-349 is needed to enroll in the ‘Jump Start’ Math (TMTH 0132).
  • For majors requiring MATH 1314, a score 346-349 is needed to enroll in the ‘Jump Start’ Math (TMTH 0114).
  • To enroll in the ‘Jump Start’ Reading/Writing (INRW 0100) and English 1301, a score of 347-350 in Reading AND a TSI Writing score of 357-362 with a 4 on essay is required.


Additional Information on the TSI Assessment:

2015 Student TSI Brochure

Interpreting My score

TSI Web-Based Study App

Institutional and Community Resources


Pre-Assessment Activity Certificate of Completion

All students must present proof that they have completed the Pre-Assessment Activity prior to taking the TSI Assessment. You will not be able to test without completing a Certificate of Completion. Please complete the certificate below and submit to the Testing Center by clicking EMAIL. This email will be delivered to the Testing Center and you will not receive a copy of this email. You only need to do this once.

  First Name: Middle Name: Last Name:
  T-Number / Driver's License: