Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association serves as the representative voice of the student body. Student opinions may be expressed at meetings of the Association and these ideas, suggestions or concerns can be submitted for discussion through the SGA office. Issues will be taken into consideration and addressed with the Vice President of Student Services and the President of LIT.

The SGA also offers each student an opportunity to promote, support and participate in a well-rounded student life program. This allows students to become accustomed to interacting with LITs diverse population of students. It also helps students connect with a variety of student organizations on campus, as well as year round student organized events.

The SGA is presided over by an Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and one Representative at Large which are elected in a general election each spring semester. All students are encouraged to attend SGA meetings or stop by the SGA office in the Eagles' Nest Building Room 119 to learn more.

The Lamar Institute of Technology SGA Executive Board members also represent LIT during quarterly meetings held by the Texas State University System Board of Regents. The SGA Presidents and Vice Presidents from each of the eight universities within the system are members of the Student Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB functions as a cooperative association among TSUS component institutions for exchanging information and sharing programs that will benefit all Texas State University System members. To view more information on the SAB, follow the link below.

2019/2020 SGA Executive Board:

President - Naamah Baaheth
Vice President - Ana Torres
Secretary Treasurer - Alondra Perales
Representative at Large - Rhaiven Kyle

  • expand collapse Who can join?

    All enrolled Lamar Institute of Technology students are members of the SGA.

  • expand collapse What are the benefits?

    Members are entitled to participate in an active campus life program, SGA sponsored events both on and off campus, group activities, and possible travel to tours/conferences/conventions, etc. Participation in student events may be used as a networking tool and as a way to give back through service to the community and the college. This organization creates an environment geared to promote positive interpersonal traits, professional development, and student leadership training.

  • expand collapse What types of activities will there be?

    Members can expect organized group meetings, community service opportunities, possibilities for travel, chances to participate in leadership training and a sense of group camaraderie, cohesiveness and support for common goals and interests.

  • expand collapse How do I find out more?

    For more information, please call 409-880-8994 or e-mail