Steps for Requesting Accommodations

Special Populations
Here are the steps for requesting accommodations at LIT for a disability:
  1. Student must make an appointment with the Special Populations Coordinator to discuss his/her/their disability.
  2. Student must provide a copy of testing, medical records, and/or letter from a physician which indicates a disability. If you are learning disabled, you must supply test scores accompanied by a professional diagnosis. Documentation must be within the past five (5) years. Submit this information to the Special Populations Coordinator in the Student Services Office.
  3. Once documentation is received, an appointment will be made to review documentation and recommended accommodations. Postsecondary institutions are only required to guarantee equal access, not equal outcomes.
  4. Complete a "Request for Accommodation Form".
  5. Accommodation memos will be printed out. It is the student’s responsibility to come by the Special Populations Office to pick up their memo.
  6. The student must then personally deliver the memo to each of their instructors. It is best to do this during his or her office hours. Accommodations do not become effective until the instructor receives the memo. Students must deliver these memos to preserve confidentiality.
  7. Steps 4, 5, and 6 must be done each semester that you require accommodations.
  8. Students taking distance learning courses should follow the same procedure as on-campus students.