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LIT Reopening (Hurricane Laura)


Hurricane Laura (with mandatory evacuations and loss of electricity) has been extremely difficult. During this time, it is paramount that the college review available datalisten to our stakeholders, and remain compassionate. Today, in a meeting with department chairs and senior administrators, we sought to determine a reopening date based on the below five (5) factors: 

1. The Human Element. Caring for everyone’s health and safe is foremost, and our faculty will exhibit instructional flexibility and understanding. 

2. The Data. It is estimated that between 10%-30% of our stakeholders are without power. However, reports suggest that most electric outages should be restored by Sunday evening (August 30th). 

3. The Uniqueness of LIT Programs. Unlike some other higher education institutions, LIT is different because many of our programs are workforce-based and require needed time for hands on training. 

4. The Unknown. Since hurricane season is just getting started and future COVID-19 outbreaks are uncertain, we need to meet as much as possible. 

5. Your Graduation/You Getting a Job. Hurricane Laura impacted certain areas differently. But what is the same, students want to graduate and get their dream jobs. So for those who cannot return when the college reopens, LIT will attempt to be as flexible as possible to help keep you on track. 

To give everyone more days to recover, LIT is delaying its reopening until Wednesday, September 2 for instruction and operations. Hopefully, this will also benefit our ISD partners (dual credit students). 

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