Program Director: Lyn Brown
Office: Technology Center, Room 116
Phone: (409) 880-8192

The Tutoring Program consists of three components. The three components are:

  • Peer Tutoring
  • LabTutoring
  • Computer-AssistedTutoring

Peer Tutoring: A student who requests one-on-one tutoring for a specific course is given a list of qualified tutors who can work with the student. The student will submit his request for a tutor to the coordinator who will give the student a list of qualified tutors for that course. The student is then responsible for selecting the tutor he or she wishes.

Lab Tutoring: In a particular course that has many students needing help, a lab time in the afternoon or evening is assigned. A faculty member will coordinate the tutoring.

Computer-Assisted Tutoring: PLATO, a software package, is used to help the student in certain courses as an independent study.