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Language (Please click on the course to view the dates and times)
Learn Spanish the Fast & Fun WayFRNL 1091$185
Our short term introductory class is designed to teach individuals basic communication of the Spanish Language through conversational lectures and hands on activities.
American Sign Language ISLNG 1003$185
The American Sign Language (ASL) I course will cover ten dialogs introducing over 150 ASL signs. The dialogs will cover common phrases for greetings and departures such as "What’s up" and "See you later," expressing one’s feelings, getting help when necessary and even going to a restaurant or other places. Sentence structures are introduced including those associated with asking questions, simple sentences, setting up a topic of discussion and following with a comment, and some slang signs. Happy Signing to all!!
American Sign Language IISLNG 1004$185
Our American Sign Language (ASL) II is an extension of the ASL I course where learners were introduced to ten dialogs that included over 150 ASL signs. This course was designed to introduction additional signs and emphasis will be placed on practicing and expanding what was previously covered regarding sentence structure when asking questions, composing simple sentences, and setting up a topic of discussion with responding comments. Happy Signing to all!!