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Community Education (Please click on the course to view the dates and times)
Intro to Digital PhotographyLLLL 1005$75
The course objective is to understand the basic controls and functions of a DSLR camera, and how to transfer and edit digital images using Adobe Photoshop. Students will be required to have a DSLR camera, a memory card for their specific camera, and a transfer cable or card reader (preferred) to transfer images onto the computer, and a flash drive to store edited images on. There is no textbook required for this course. The instructor will provide notes, PowerPoint presentations, and demonstrations.
Build a Basic BudgetLLLL 1005$0
Can you recall your last ATM withdrawal? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? You are not alone! The Build a Basic Budget seminar can help you set up a spending plan, learn about spending leaks, track spending, learn ways to save, and help you set and reach your financial goals.
Identity Teft: Who's got your number?LLLL 1006$0
While you cannot totally protect your identity, there are many tools and tips to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. Learn ways to minimize the risk of identity theft and what to do if you are a victim.