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DACUM Job Analysis

DACUM, Developing A CurriculUM, is a job analysis model used by Lamar Institute of Technology for:

  • creating new LIT programs
  • revising or enhancing existing programs
  • creating training curriculum for area business/industry
  • updating job descriptions
  • and much more

The DACUM process for occupational/job analysis involves local men and women, recruited directly from business and industry, with reputations for being the “top performers” at their jobs, working on a short-term committee assignment with a qualified DACUM facilitator. These workers become the Panel of Experts who collectively and cooperatively describe the occupation in the language of the occupation.

The Panel works under the guidance of a trained facilitator for two days to develop the DACUM Research Chart. The chart contains a list of general areas of competence called DUTIES and several TASKS for each duty. Brainstorming techniques are used to obtain the collective expertise and consensus of the Panel. The completed chart is a graphic profile of the duties and tasks performed by successful workers in the occupation. The Panel also identifies the general knowledge/skills, tools, equipment, supplies, and materials required of successful workers. In addition lists include the important worker behaviors essential for success, and the future trends and concerns likely to cause job changes. The process produces superior results for all occupational levels.

DACUM has multiple uses. The process can be used for job analysis, occupational analysis, process analysis, functional analysis, and conceptual analysis. Its use with many companies, community colleges, and government agencies has also shown the process to be very effective, quickly accomplished, and low cost. Lamar Institute of Technology has several qualified DACUM facilitators on staff to aid area business/industry and education in meeting their training and educational needs.