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Student Health Center
Student Health Center

The Student Health Center offers various medical services to currently enrolled students. A physician and/or nurse practitioner is available to treat students for minor illnesses or injuries not requiring constant supervisor. Students with chronic and/or serious conditions will require treatment off campus by their personal physician. Most health center services are available in the health center on a walk-in basis, and most of the medications prescribed are available in the health center pharmacy at a reduced cost. Students are charged only for medications, lab tests, and supplies, not for the office visit. All charges incurred are entered on the student account, thus no payment is required at the time of service.

Gynecological services and family planning are provided by female nurse practitioners at a reduced charge. There is a lab charge for most gynecological services. Licensed staff, in collaboration with student peer educators, offer health education to organizations, residence halls, classes, or individuals on a variety of health-related issues pertinent to the university population. The Health Center is also staffed with licensed counselors offering short-term psychological counseling, individual and group therapy, and mental health workshops at no charge. After hours, on weekends and when the university is not in session, healthcare becomes the individual student's responsibility. Any expenses incurred for ambulance service or off-campus medical needs are also the responsibility of the student. Students are encouraged to maintain some form of health insurance to cover these expenses, as they can be quite costly. Detailed information regarding health center services is available at

Dental Hygiene Clinic

Students enrolled in Lamar Institute of Technology may schedule an appointment in the Dental Hygiene Clinic. Students may schedule an appointment for a dental exam, cleaning, x-rays, and a fluoride treatment. To schedule an appointment, call (409) 880-8860.

Health Insurance

Health and accident insurance is required of all international students, residence hall occupants, and participants in intramural sports. All registered students taking six or more credit hours (three hours during summer sessions) are eligible to participate in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. This is a supplemental policy offered by an independent insurance company which covers a portion of the costs for inpatient and outpatient medical services not available at the Health Center. Except in emergency situations, students are required to seek treatment at the Health Center first, where off campus referrals will be issued if deemed necessary. Students enrolled in the plan may also insure their dependents. However, non-student dependents are not eligible to use the health center.

Premiums are due at the time of enrollment and are available per semester or on annual basis. Detailed information and enrollment forms are available through the Student Health Center, the offices of Student Affairs or Residence Life, L.I.T. Student Services.

Any registered student taking six or more credit hours (three hours during summer sessions) is eligible for enrollment in an affordable insurance plan offered by an independent insurance company. The policy was designed especially for students of Lamar Institute of Technology and Lamar University. Coverage may be purchased each semester or on an annual basis, and those enrolling have the option of covering dependents as well. Additional information is available in the Student Handbook or through the Student Health Center.