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Office: Technology Arts Building 4, Room 103
Address: 855 E. Lavaca St., Beaumont, TX 77705
Phone: (409) 880-2092

The Office Technology Administration Programs develop levels of competence in the skills and knowledge needed by entry-level office workers in modern businesses and organizations.

Lamar Institute of Technology offers a two-year associate of applied science degree program called the Office Technology Administration Program. The program of study is 60 semester credit hours in length and includes general education courses (such as writing, mathematics, and speech) and technical courses (accounting, supervision, small business, and computer applications etc.). Students become proficient in employment skills, including computer knowledge using current software in word processing and spreadsheets. Graduates of the program are prepared to pass civil service examinations and various employment tests required by business and industry. Law firms, medical offices, governmental agencies, and other businesses actively recruit graduates of the two-year program.

Students who choose to pursue an AAS or Certificate award must 1) be able to see a computer screen, 2) have fine hand and finger dexterity, 3) be able to communicate verbally, 4) be able to hear sufficiently to use typical office equipment, and 5) be able to sit or stand for the majority of a workday.

Lamar Institute of Technology requires students to register for the College Success Skills Course (DORI 0200) in their first semester. The course is designed to provide students with a thorough orientation to the campus, postsecondary education, and the classroom skills necessary for success in college. Students that transfer fifteen semester credit hours (15 SCH) from an accredited postsecondary institution with a GPA of 2.0 or higher may be exempt from the College Success Skills Course.

Students who graduate with the associate of applied science degree in Office Technology Administration may pursue an Enhanced Skills Certificate in Medical Office Technology. This certificate is designed to provide skills beyond career entry or in a new or specialized area.

LIT also offers students the opportunity to graduate with a Certificate in Office Technology in either Clerical or Medical Records after completing 30-32 hours of specific college courses. The one-year Certificate in Office Technology: Clerical will enable the graduate to obtain an entry-level position in a business office. The clerical option includes two courses in accounting. The one-year Certificate in Office Technology: Medical Records will allow the graduate to work in a doctor's office or hospital as support staff. Graduates will have working knowledge of medical transcription, terminology and record-keeping methods.

Students can begin the one-year certificate programs without having passed the TSI Assessment. However, students must pass the TSI Assessment before registering for English and math courses required for completion of a certificate program.

The intensity and standards of the Office Technology Administration Associate of Applied Science Degree and Certificates are high. Therefore, all courses in the Recommended Program of Study must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. Any Office Technology Administration student who does not earn a grade of "C" or higher must repeat the course.

Degree Plan for Associate of Applied Science in Office Technology Administration
Institutional Requirements
DORI 0200College Success Skills2 : 2 : 0
General Education Courses
ENGL 1301Composition I3 : 3 : 0
HUMA 1315Fine Arts Appreciation3 : 3 : 0
MATH 1332Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning)3 : 3 : 0
SOCI 1301Introduction to Sociology3 : 3 : 0
SPCH 1315Public Speaking3 : 3 : 0
Program Requirements
ACNT 1303Introduction to Accounting I3 : 3 : 0
BUSI 1301Business Principles3 : 3 : 0
ITSC 1309Integrated Software Applications I3 : 3 : 0
ITSW 1304Introduction to Spreadsheets3 : 2 : 2
POFI 2301Word Processing3 : 2 : 2
POFI 2340Advanced Word Processing3 : 2 : 3
POFI 2386Internship- Business/Office Automation/Technology/Data Entry3 : 0 : 9
POFT 1309Administrative Office Procedures I3 : 2 : 2
POFT 1313Professional Workforce Preparation3 : 3 : 0
POFT 1319Records and Information Management I3 : 3 : 0
POFT 1328Business Presentations3 : 3 : 0
POFT 1329Beginning Keyboarding3 : 2 : 2
POFT 2301Intermediate Keyboarding3 : 2 : 2
POFT 2312Business Correspondence & Communication3 : 3 : 0
POFT 2331Administrative Project Solutions3 : 2 : 2
Program Credits : Lecture Hours : Lab Hours60 : 50 : 24