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A dental hygienist is a licensed health care professional. Dental Hygiene is the science and practice of the recognition, treatment, and prevention or oral diseases. Dental hygienists provide dental health services that include cleaning (prophylaxis), oral cancer screenings, x-rays, pit & fissure sealants, patient education, and nutritional counseling. The traditional workplace setting for dental hygienists is a private dental office; however, hygienists also provide dental hygiene care in other settings such as prisons, public health facilities, schools, and long-term care facilities. The role of the Dental Hygiene Program is to prepare highly competent dental hygienists to meet the oral health care needs of the public.

The program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, American Dental Association. (211 East Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60611-2678; 312-440-2695; )