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Sonography Advisement
Mon April 10th 10:00am
Thur April 12th 9:00am
Wed April 19th 9:00am
Wed April 26th 12:00pm
Fri April 28th 9:00am
Mon May 1st 10:00am
Tues May 9th 10:00am
Thur May 11th 10:00am

Sessions will be held in the MPC building Room 150.

Call for details:
409.839.2924 or 409.839.2923

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This degree plan is designed to prepare individuals for a career as a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (Echocardiographer) through classroom study and a supervised clinical experience. The Echocardiology technologist performs cardiovascular examinations to produce a picture of a heart and great vessels using high-frequency sound waves. These examinations are used to diagnose congenital heart disease, valvular disease, pericardial disease, cardiomyopathy, and other cardiovascular disorders. Types of examinations include 2D and 3D Echo, M-mode and color flow Doppler, as well as Transesophageal and Stress Studies. The Echocardiographer may work in hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices.