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Sonography Advisement
Friday June 3rd 10:00 am
Wednesday June 8th 10:00 am
Thursday  June 16th  12:30 pm
Friday  June 24th  09:00 am
Tuesday July 5th 12:30 pm
Wednesday July 13th 09:30 am
Wednesday  July 20th 10:00 am
Thursday July 28th 01:00 pm
Friday  August 5th  10:00 am
Tuesday August 9th 11:00 am
Thursday  August 18th 09:30 am
Wednesday August 24th 10:00 am

Sessions will be held in the MPC building Room 150.

Call for details:
409.839.2924 or 409.839.2923

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This course of study is provided for persons preparing for or employed in the field of early childhood care. The courses may be used as academic instruction in working toward National Child Development Associate requirements but do not provide Child Development Associate certification by themselves.

The caregiver for young children works with young children in a childcare setting, observing, overseeing, interacting, and teaching, which includes setting up curriculum and activities. The caregiver is aware of and attends to the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of the individual child.

The Day Care/Child Care Center Director supervises and oversees the training of caregivers, may work directly with children, and works with budgeting and financing. The director knows the minimum standards to remain in compliance with state licensing practices. The director works with parents and oversees the food program and curriculum.

The Child Care Director/Quality Caregiver can perform the duties of a caregiver and director. In addition, the caregiver may go into the home of children, develop programs to educate parents with parenting skills and other life skills, assess families and individual children, train caregivers, and demonstrate child care center equipment.

All applicants must submit to a Criminal Background chack, a copy of their driver's license & social security card.  If required, state & national criminal history record check.  If required by the county health department, students must have/submit results from a TB skin test.  A minimum grade of 'C' is must be earned is all Child Care courses on the Recomended Program of Study.

A graduate of the two-year instructional program is awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree.