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Sonography Advisement
Mon April 10th 10:00am
Thur April 12th 9:00am
Wed April 19th 9:00am
Wed April 26th 12:00pm
Fri April 28th 9:00am
Mon May 1st 10:00am
Tues May 9th 10:00am
Thur May 11th 10:00am

Sessions will be held in the MPC building Room 150.

Call for details:
409.839.2924 or 409.839.2923

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The Certificate of Completion – Health Informatics is designed to prepare students for employment as entry level Health Informatics personnel or to provide supplemental training for person previously or currently employed in related health record occupations.  Through this program, student will learn the fundamentals of healthcare informatics by focusing on the resources, devices, and methods used to acquire, store, retrieve, and utilize electronic health records.

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Health Information Technology Application