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PASS Program
Partnership in Achieving Student Success
Quality Enhancement Program PDF

Lamar Institute of Technology is committed to supporting students in their educational efforts. The Partnership in Achieving Student Success (PASS) is a program designed to assist students enrolled in credit courses at LIT. The mission of the PASS program is to improve the quality of student life and learning through improvements, enhancements, or additions to the institution’s educational programs and services.

The cornerstone of the PASS program is the College Success Skills Course and Academic Advising.

College Success Skills Course

The College Success Course is intended to improve the quality of student life and learning by integrating the student into the social and academic environment on the campus. In addition, the College Success Course will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for success. Skills and knowledge may include, but are not limited to, development of better study skills, time management, test taking, and learning strategies.

Students that are required to complete the College Success Skills Course include 1) first time in college students and 2) students that are recommended by a faculty member. Exemptions may be granted to students that have completed a minimum of twenty four hours of coursework at a regionally accredited institution of higher education.

Academic Advising

Academic advising requirements within the PASS program include a 1) student assessment, 2) student placement, and 3) the College Success Course. Each academic advising requirement must be completed by every first time in college student.

Advising activities will be closely monitored by the PASS program administrator and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

For more information please contact the PASS Program Coordinator:

Department Chair / Instructor II General Education, General Education and Developmental Studies
Office: Technology Center, Room 116B
Address: PO Box 10043, Beaumont, TX, 77710
Phone: (409) 880-8192