Conversion to a New Student System

We are converting to a new system here at LIT.  Beginning with the Spring 2010 semester activities for students, faculty, and staff will be conducted using a new system.  Fall 2009 and Winter Mini sesson activities will remain in the current system.

The current Fall 2009 and Winter Mini session system is the PLUS system, and the new Spring 2010 system is identified as the Banner system.  If you are receiving financial aid, you are using the new Banner system.

PLUS System:
Use this system to get your Fall 2009 grades and other activities specific to the Fall semester. 
Also use this system to conduct activities relating to the Winter Mini session.

Banner System:
Register and conduct all activities related to the Spring 2010 semester.  These activities include register and view your account and schedule information for Spring 2010.

Please return daily for updates.

Registration Begins November 9